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2016 Oregon Drive Less Challenge
Shows Our Collective Impact

Making a difference…one trip at a time.

Thousands of Oregonians from up and down the Willamette Valley, along the coast and living in Central and Eastern Oregon helped make this year’s Oregon Drive Less Challenge a success. A total of 819,525 miles in bike, bus, train, carpool, vanpool and walking trips, plus teleworking* were reported in just 15 days. The total number of non-drive alone trips logged was 91,628—up about 25% from last year. And, even at lower gas prices, participants still saved over $91,628* at the pump alone. If these miles were driven-alone, then they would have resulted in a whopping 548,457 pounds of CO2 emissions.

THANK YOU for being a part of this year’s Oregon Drive Less Challenge and helping to show how Oregonians can collectively make a difference!

Note: **Gas savings were estimated using the Fuel Cost Calculator, a third-party online tool. AAA’s reported state average gas price of $2.52 per gallon at the start of the challenge (Oct.1), in addition a 22 miles per gallon fuel consumption rate were used in the calculation.

A big thanks to our top sponsor—GenZe!

The 2016 Oregon Drive Less Challenge is made possible with support from our top sponsor, GenZe, a leading U.S. electric bike and scooter manufacturer dedicated to helping individuals connect with sustainable transportation solutions. Other sponsors include KEEN, Hydro Flask, Dutch Bros and Queen Bee Creations.


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