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Oregonians exceed one million vehicle mile reduction goal in 14-day Oregon Drive Less Challenge

Participants statewide eliminate 749,024 pounds of carbon dioxide

SALEM — The second annual Oregon Drive Less Challenge, running over a 14-day stretch, concluded on Oct. 19 with participants exceeding the effort's one million vehicle mile reduction goal. Thousands of Oregonians collectively logged bike, bus, walking, rail, carpool, vanpool and skate trips, plus teleworking, equaling a reduction of 1,082,491 vehicle miles and 749,024 pounds of CO2. This translates into a savings of 38,507 gallons in gasoline and $286,091 to Oregonians by not driving alone.

The challenge, involving numerous public and private sector organizations, was spearheaded by ODOT as part of the state's ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and alleviate traffic congestion.

"This level of participation demonstrates how we can collectively make a difference, even over just 14 days, in reducing the state's greenhouse gas emissions," said ODOT Director Matt Garrett. "Trying out a different mode of travel also helps reduce congestion on our roadways, so we look at this response as simply good for Oregon and Oregonians."

Last year's first statewide challenge also surpassed its goal of reducing half a million vehicle miles. Oregon drivers travel an estimated 33.4 billion vehicle miles annually, at a cost of about $1.4 billion in gas, resulting in 14.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Light vehicle use in the state accounts for about 34 percent of Oregon's total greenhouse gas emissions. The state of Oregon has set a goal to achieve greenhouse gas emission levels that are 75 percent below 1990 levels by the year 2050.

This year's challenge resulted in a total of 28,231 bike trips, 15,670 carpool trips, 11,037 bus trips, 2,459 light rail trips, 139 streetcar trips, 1,137 train trips, 10,934 walking trips, 2,455 telework days and 1,039 vanpool trips.

The Oregon Drive Less Challenge is made possible with support from Amtrak Cascades, Car2Go, Bike Friday, KEEN Footwear, Nutcase Helmets and others.

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For more information: Shelley M. Snow, ODOT, (503) 986-3438 or Kelly Bantle, Drive Less Save More, (503) 706-0698