Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible to use Drive Less Connect? Who can use Drive Less Connect?

Drive Less Connect is available to people living or working in Oregon.

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Is there a fee for using Drive Less Connect?

No – using Drive Less Connect is completely free.

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How can I start using Drive Less Connect?

It’s easy. If you have not done so already – register at A confirmation email will be sent to your email account so that your account can be verified. Once your account is verified, you can start using Drive Less Connect.

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Is there anyone who can assist me with registration?

Regional Network Administrators are available to answer questions and provide one-on-one assistance. Click here for a list of support staff by area.

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What if I don’t have a car?

That’s fine – you can be a passenger in a carpool or vanpool. Also you can use Drive Less Connect to find bike buddies for your bike trips and log your commute.

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I signed up – but I did not receive an email yet from Drive Less Connect. What could be wrong?

Please check your spam or junk folders and ensure the email did not get delivered there. Sometimes your email provider may categorize our email as spam. Although Drive Less Connect delivers almost instantaneously, sometimes there may be a delay. If you’ve waited for over four hours, please email

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I did not find any matches for my trips. What can I do to improve my chances of finding matches?

To increase the number of matches, change the criteria under Advanced Search at the top of the page to expand possible search criteria. Matches are defaulted in the system to matched times. Deselecting this box may increase the number of possible matches.

If you still don’t find matches, it may be there are simply not enough users in your area yet.

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Some websites only take zip code and list travel options. Drive Less Connect makes me register and type in the full address of start location and end location before it displays any matches. Isn’t that excessive?

We use high precision algorithms to match your route and present you with travel options including carpool, vanpool and bike. This enables you to discover the best match for your trip based on your route.

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Will my address be shared with other users?

Your address only appears as a location on the map when a searching user finds your trip as a match. Please note that the location coordinates we acquire have a high degree of precision (may be a few yards or meters from the address you entered) and thus may be traceable to your home or your work place. If you want to avoid this high degree of match, you may either:

  • Enter a more general street address without door number;
  • Enter the address of a nearby location such as a library or a coffee shop; or
  • Enter your address and click on “View Map” to select a different nearby location for sharing such as Park & Ride lot or a public park.
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How does Drive Less Connect safeguard my privacy?

At Drive Less Connect, we realize how important it is for you to safeguard your personal information. Our system is designed to allow you to control when and how your personal information is shared.

Profile Settings: As a new user, your system defaults to private. You can change your setting during the registration process or under Profile – My Account.

  • Private – We do not publish your contact information for other users to see when they search our website for matches unless you have designated your account as public. When a member expresses rideshare interest with you, you will be able to review match details before you decide to exchange contact information. This puts you in contact and allows you to decide who receives your contact information.
  • Public – If you are comfortable sharing your contact information (name, phone number and email address) up front with potential matches to expedite communication, you can mark your profile as public. Your contact information will be displayed on the Match List for others to contact you quickly to discuss ridematching opportunities.

Trip Level Settings: You can also control who can see you at a trip level. If you would prefer to look for ridematches and not be found when others search for ridematches – when Adding a Trip, under “who can see this trip? Select “No one”. This will prevent you showing up as a match for that particular trip when other users search the website. The trip level setting ensures you initiate all ridematching options for that particular trip.

See also “Will my address be shared with other users?”

Please also see Oregon's Public Disclosure Policy.

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What if I don’t want to receive email notifications from other users?

You could go to the website, and edit your trip details by clicking on “My Trips” tab, select the Edit Trip icon. On the Modify Trips screen, select “No one” as the option for “Who can see this trip?” This will prevent you showing up as a match for that particular trip when other users search the website. Thus, you will not receive any email notifications from users. You could still visit the website periodically and search for matches yourself.

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How do I change my address in the system? Why must I delete trips prior to changing my address in the system? Why must I delete trip log templates in my calendar prior to changing my address in the system?

You can change your personal information, including address in the Profile menu. Click on Profile – My Locations and select the type of address you wish to update. Addresses flagged as “In Use” cannot be updated until you delete trips and trip log templates associated with that address. This is to ensure that trip locations and trip log templates used for AutoLog remain current and accurate in the system. Go to Ride Match – My Trips to delete trips associated with that address. To delete trip log templates Go to Calendar – Trip Log Templates and delete the trip log templates associated with that address. Once all trips and trip log templates have been deleted, a Change Address option will display by the address under Profile – My Locations. Once you have updated your address, you can create new trips associated with that address in the system.

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How do I enter my worksite address in the system?

You can change your worksite by typing a few letters of that worksite name (3 characters minimum to start) in the worksite field to automatically populate a dropdown box with a list of worksite names with that character string included. Select the appropriate worksite from the list. If your worksite does not appear, select Look Up link to display list. If the “No worksite exists in the system that matches the name you specified.” message appears, check the box for “Check if worksite address not listed.” On the address Detail screen, enter the worksite name and address and click update. An optional view Map button is available to help you locate the address of your worksite.

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How do I use the Map feature?

The address that you select on the map provided is viable to matched users ONLY as a location on the map, and not as a specific address. If you do not want to share the exact location on the map, you can use the map feature by clicking “View map”, locating a preferred location on the map (e.g. cross street or public location) double-clicking on that location with your mouse arrow. To confirm the location and update the address field, click “Accept”. If you are on “Birds Eye” view, you will need to shift to another view to access the “Accept” button.

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What is a trip code? How do I get a trip code?

The trip code is a special enrollment code (trip) generated by the system that a user can provide to another person who wishes to be added to an existing ridematch request. Vanpool public contacts and vanpool drivers are allowed to add passengers to an existing ridematch request via a code (trip code) given to the passenger which the passenger can enter to associate the trip with an operating vanpool. Carpool participants can generate the trip code and instructions and provide them to another person interested in joining the carpool. A trip code can be generated from an existing trip by going to Ride Match – My Trips and select “If you already have confirmed partners and would like to add them to your trip, click here,” and following the instructions provided for generating the trip code.

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What is a network? Why do I want to belong to networks?

A network is a grouping of people. Drive Less Connect assigns groups of users to a network based on a variety of criteria. Organizations use the networks to manage available commute services such as Emergency Ride Home, vanpool and bike locker programs; promote upcoming events and availability of rewards; and communicate with users in their networks.

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How do I join a network?

Automatic network assignment is made based on a user’s home and work zip codes, and e-mail domain. A user may request to be added to additional networks through Profiles – My Networks – Join Network. A network administrator must approve the request.

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What do I do if I don’t see my network?

If you cannot locate your network, it may be called something different or not currently enrolled with Drive Less Connect. Check with your local transportation coordinator to see if they are currently participating, and if so, under what name. If not, encourage them to get involved by contacting

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My organization/network is not listed within Drive Less Connect. Can I still use the website?

You can use Drive Less Connect even if your organization is not listed with us. As an individual user, you can register, add your trip information, search for matches, invite matched users, share contact information, and track your emission savings through alternative modes by logging trips in the calendar and more.

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What is a pass code? How do I get a pass code?

A pass code is a special enrollment code needed when a user selects a network to be associated with that requires an explicit authorization code to join. The user makes a join network request, which generates an email to the administrator for the pass code. An e-mail response from the network administrator that includes the passcode is generated and sent to the user. The user needs to enter the passcode sent by the administrator via email into the system to complete the association.

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Can I block cookies or disallow javascript and use Drive Less Connect (

No – your browser needs javascript to be enabled to access this site. In addition, your browser needs to allow cookies from

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Is my browser supported with Are there any other hardware or software requirements for using

You only need a browser and a reliable internet connection to use has been tested with all major versions of browsers – Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Firefox and Safari. Your screen must be configured for a resolution of 1024x768 or higher for optimum display.

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