1) When does the Oregon Drive Less Challenge start?
A: The Oregon Drive Less Challenge begins Saturday, Sept. 16, and ends Saturday, Sept. 30.
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2) Who can participate in the Oregon Drive Less Challenge?
A: Anyone who is of legal driving age, and lives and/or works in Oregon, is eligible to participate. Please note that sponsors and campaign staff are not eligible to win rewards and prizes.
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3) Can I still participate if the challenge has already started?
A: Absolutely! You can join anytime between Sept. 16 and Sept. 30.
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4) Sounds great! How do I participate?
A: It’s simple and easy:
1. Register in Drive Less Connect. If you’re already registered in Drive Less Connect, skip to Step 2!
2. Eliminate one trip you normally drive alone
3. Carpool/vanpool, telework, take the bus or the train, walk or bike
4. Log your transportation options trips online at DriveLessConnect.com during the Challenge, Sept. 16 through Sept 30.
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5) What counts as a trip?
A: Any trip for any purpose that constitutes travel from one location to a second location using one of the following transportation options modes:
• Carpool
• Vanpool
• Telework
• Bus
• Train (i.e. light-rail/Max/WES/Street Car/Amtrak)
• Walk
• Bike
Trips can include travel for any purpose (work or personal) during the 15-day Challenge!
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6) Do I have to take a transportation option every day?
A: We encourage you to use transportation options as much as possible, but realize that they’re not always the most efficient or convenient option for each trip.
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7) How many days are included in the Oregon Drive Less Challenge?
A: The Oregon Drive Less Challenge covers a maximum of 15 days.
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8) What’s the maximum number of days that I can take transportation options?
A: It is possible to log 15 days of transportation options trips during the Challenge.
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9) I heard something about prizes for participating in the Oregon Drive Less Challenge?
A: There are many ways to win while participating in the Challenge! This year’s Grand Prizes include GenZe electric bikes(valued at $1,500 each) or $500 cash cards.

Weekly prizes will also be awarded throughout Challenge, including prizes like $125 KEEN gift cards,16-ounze Hydro Flasks, $50 REI gift cards, $25 Dutch Bros gift cards and $50 Black Star bags gift cards! Check out the prize listing on the DriveLessConnect.com homepage for the full list of ways to win.
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10) Who can I contact if I’m having difficulties registering into Drive Less Connect or logging trips?
A: Please contact your regional transportation options service provider. Visit our Need Help section on the home page to do so.
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