How to Vanpool

How do I start a vanpool?

Click here to learn how to start a vanpool or become a coordinator or driver for an existing vanpool through Enterprise Rideshare.

What is included in the vanpool package?


The Enterprise Rideshare Team tracks the mileage for each van based on each van’s monthly mileage pattern. Enterprise utilizes a proprietary software program that calculates servicing dates based on the monthly mileage pattern. Servicing is done every 5,000-6,000 miles. When a van needs to be serviced, Enterprise will call the driver and schedule the servicing. Each van receives a maintenance card that allows all repairs and costs are billed directly to Enterprise.

Enterprise offers a complete maintenance program that provides total coverage for all scheduled maintenance, repairs, and breakdowns. In addition, this program includes loaner vans which can be delivered to the work site at no additional charge in the event your van needs to go into the shop overnight.

Enterprise Rideshare also has a 24/7 Roadside assistance at your service in case of an emergency.


Enterprise offers an insurance program that includes the following coverages for each vanpool:

  • Liability/Bodily Injury: $1,000,000 (Combined Single Limit)
  • Uninsured Motorist: $100,000 (Combined Single Limit)
  • Comprehensive/Collision: Full value of the vehicle.

All of the coverages have a ZERO deductible. This insurance program also includes the provision for loaner vehicles related to accidents (if the original vehicle needs to go into a body shop). Enterprise handles the qualification of drivers (at no charge).

Car Rental Discount

All Enterprise Rideshare participants are eligible for a car rental discount when renting a car at any Enterprise Rent-A- Car location and National Car Rental location nationwide. This is an “added bonus” for being part of the Enterprise Holdings LLC family.

Guaranteed Ride Home

This program is designed to address unexpected situations where participants may need to leave early because of an emergency, or simply take on unexpected overtime to meet a deadline. It is operated through Enterprise Rent-a- Car who is Enterprise’s parent company. With over 65 locations in Oregon to dispatch replacement transportation, the Guaranteed Ride Home program provides timely solution to this problem. If a vanpooler needs to stay late or leave early, the employee would have the local Enterprise office provide an overnight rental car. This program, which typically costs approximately $35.00 per use, is a quicker and more affordable option than using taxi or shuttle service (the most common alternative). This program is available only for employees using Enterprise Rideshare’s vanpool services. Each vanpooler will receive 4 FREE Guaranteed Ride Home cars per year.

Fuel Card

A fuel card can be issued to the Rideshare van for the purpose of purchasing fuel; a prepaid fuel card in utilized, where the vanpool group loads on the desired funding in advance of the month for use. Any remaining funds roll over to the following month for use.

Additional Equipment

The Rideshare van can be equipped with a number of different options including WiFi, GPS Navigation, and Satellite Radio. The cost of these add-ons can be included in the monthly rate.

Customer Service

The biggest strength of the Rideshare Program is that it is backed by Enterprise Rent-a- car and its award winning customer service. You have a personal point of contact within the Rideshare Department and should anything happen you are backed by 24 hour a day roadside assistance. Enterprise has over 65+ locations throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington that are standing by in case of emergency to rent you an Emergency Ride Home or get you a replacement van should yours have an issue.

Contact Information

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Business Rental Division

OR & Southwest WA

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