Online Ride Matching

Carpool and vanpool matches at your fingertips

Drive Less Connect matches you with people that have the same travel needs. Using Drive Less Connect’s ride matching function, you can set up and manage your own carpool or join an existing carpool to work. With work schedule options that are flexible, it’s easy. Find a ride to an event, or schedule a trip to the coast. Drive Less Connect caters to carpool and vanpool trips of all types—one way trips, long distance trips, even last minute trips if you find yourself in a transportation bind.

Benefits of starting or joining a carpool/vanpool

Driving alone can put a strain on your budget, so share the ride with others to cut costs. The benefits go beyond keeping more cash in your pocket. Carpooling can improve your mood, lead to friendships, and reduce the wear and tear on your car.

Check out these other carpool benefits:

  • Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year
  • Reduce your stress and read, relax, or even work while commuting
  • Reduce your family’s need for more cars
  • Carpool even if you don’t drive, allowing you to consider jobs throughout the area
  • Make new friendships and enjoy their company during your commute
  • Reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, which benefits all of us

Let the savings begin!

Tips for starting a carpool

Thinking about carpooling, but don’t know how to get started? Get the most out of your carpool with a few basic tips:

  • Meet prospective carpooler(s) at a public place like a coffee shop to discuss details and ensure you are compatible.
  • Set guidelines ahead of time to avoid misunderstandings. Discuss preferences for music, heating and air conditioning, eating and drinking in the car.
  • Determine your route, schedule, pickup points, and other details.
  • Drivers may alternate or elect one person to drive while others cover gas and expenses.
  • Agree on a way to get in touch with each other.
  • Set a date to start carpooling. Do a trial run for a week to make sure it works for everyone in the carpool.
  • How will the costs be divided?
  • How long should drivers wait at a stop for passengers before leaving?
  • What happens if the set driver is ill, oversleeps or has mechanical problems?